Little Brigham Aggies

Little Brigham Aggies (LBA), the Utah State University Brigham Early Care and Education Center, is designed to provide high-quality, inclusive care and education for children of Utah State University Brigham City students, staff, and faculty. Some openings are also available for members of the USU-Brigham City community.

The Center's Coordinator is Cheryl Preece-Smith. For more information about the Center, contact Cheryl at 435-919-1307 or visit Little Brigham Aggies located in the Milton P. Miller Building, Room 156, which is located at 195 West 1100 South, Brigham City, Utah.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my child in Little Brigham Aggies childcare?

Children must be enrolled in order to attend. Enrollment packets are available at the Utah State University Brigham City Campus, Little Brigham Aggies ECEC located in the Milton P. Miller Building, Room 156. All forms must be complete, with all required signatures, before your child can attend the center. Additionally, all immunizations for your child must be current.

How much does it cost for my child to attend Little Brigham Aggies?

Type Ages 0-2 Ages 2-8
USU Students $4.00/hr $3.50/hr
Non-USU Students $6.50/hr $6.00/hr

What is your payment policy?

Payments can be made in the form of card, cash or check (payable to Utah State University) at the cashier's office located at 989 South Main St of USU Brigham City Campus, during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.). Or by card when calling 919-1200 and requesting the cashier.

Continuous participation in the Little Brigham Aggies Early Care and Education Program requires prepayment in full for the following month. The parent's monthly charge will be based upon their child(ren)'s attendance schedule contract. Parents who have not prepaid their bill by the 25th of the previous month will be asked to make a payment on their account before further services are rendered. For example, parents will pay on or before August 25th for September's services. Parents are charged their monthly rate whether or not they use LBA's services. There will be a late fee of $20.00 assessed to accounts not paid in full the previous month.

When is Little Brigham Aggies open?

Our hours are Monday - Thursday 8am-8pm and Fridays 8am-5pm

Does the LBA staff undergo background checks?

Yes. Our staff undergoes a state-regulated background investigation. In addition, our teachers have CPR and First Aid Certification, and all trainings related to state regulations.

Who can pick my child up from the Center?

Only parents, or persons with your written authorization, will be allowed to pick up your child from the center. In cases of extreme emergency, a parent may give verbal authorization to the center. The individual picking up your child will be required to provide proper identification.

Are lunches or snacks provided for my child?

Lunch is served at 11:30, and dinner at 5:00pm. Menus are posted on the parent board each week.

What supplies should I provide for my child?

Children should be dressed in comfortable clothing (we paint and do sand and water play). Please provide an extra change of clothes for your child. Comfort objects such as blankets and/or stuffed animals are welcome for the purpose of assisting children in transition to childcare. Other toys should be left at home. Please do not send toys or special objects from home. We can't ensure their safety. There will be occasions when we will have show and tell. Notification will be sent to you in advance of these special days. We encourage toys to stay home unless needed for the following:

  • Comfort toy to make the transition easier.
  • Show and Tell in your child's classroom.
  • One soft sleeping toy (must be able to fit inside child's cubby).

What activities will my child enjoy while at Little Brigham Aggies?

One of the main priorities of the activities is to provide positive, nurturing relationships to foster social/emotional development for all of the children. A broad range of developmentally appropriate activities for each age level are planned to enhance fine motor, gross motor, language, cognitive and social-emotional development. The environment is created to offer multiple opportunities through a large variety of experiences including block play, sand and water play, art, writing, emergent literacy, science, math, small group and large group activities. Curriculum plans are available at all times for parents to review. Each child's individuality and uniqueness is recognized and contributes to the development of the activities. Children's interests and choices guide and direct the activities. The staff experience on-going professional development to ensure best practice is conducted at all times.

Outdoor play is part of the early childhood curriculum. Please send the appropriate outdoor clothing with your child each day. During the winter your child needs a coat, hat, and gloves. We go outside every day unless it is raining or extremely cold. ALL CHILDREN WILL BE EXPECTED TO GO OUTSIDE. We adhere to the philosophy that children need fresh air and outdoor activity to maintain healthy bodies. Staying indoors can and does generate and regenerate illness. A physician's written excuse will be accepted if your child needs to remain indoors for a limited period of time.

What is your guidance policy?

Our goal in guiding the children is for them to move towards controlling their own behavior. We avoid using techniques that will damage the children's good feeling about themselves or others.

We begin by arranging the environment to prevent discipline problems. This includes planning interesting activities, not asking children to be still for too long, and meeting their needs for food (snacks), rest, and active play. Positive guidance strategies are used to prevent most behavior problems. We want children to learn to be independent and responsible for their own choices. We coach children in addressing peers and teachers in an appropriate manner, without physical or verbal aggression and appropriately express their emotions.

When children do misbehave, we guide them in finding a better way to solve the problem. When misbehavior includes destroying or abusing materials, the child will be given the chance to use the materials again in an appropriate manner. If misbehavior continues, the materials may be put away until another day when the child will be given another opportunity to use it appropriately. When children disrupt group activities, they can choose to participate without interrupting or move away from the group. Small group activities are always optional.

If your child has had a difficult time, the staff will give you a verbal or written, Just to let you know, behavior report which summarizes your child's day. In the infant room, there are daily report sheets that will be used as another way to communicate both positive and challenging behaviors. We will then work together with the family to assure consistency at home and at school in working with the child.

What are your methods of guidance?

Our methods of Guidance are:

  1. Encouraging children to solve problems through the use of words.
  2. Learning to acknowledge feelings and associate feelings with actions.
  3. Redirect children to focus on a different activity in a positive tone.
  4. Tell children what to do, rather than what not to do.
  5. Continual focus on building self-help skills in order to strengthen self-esteem and positive self-image.
  6. Positive reinforcement and acknowledging appropriate behavior that should be continued in the future.
  7. Assisting children in planning actions and language for similar situations in the future.
  8. Modeling kind, patient, and gentle actions, words and behavior.

What if my child needs to take medications?

LBA will only keep lifesaving medications (such as epipens, inhalers, etc) on site. If your child requires the use of a lifesaving medication the medicine needs to be in the original container and labeled with the child’s first and last name, doctor, medicine name, dosage, and a current date. In addition all staff members responsible for the care of the child will need to complete training with the family on how to administer the medication. Lifesaving medications must also have a completed medication permission form and a signature will be required any time the medication has been given. Lifesaving medications will be stored in a locked cabinet in the child’s classroom.

Staff at LBA will not administer or keep non lifesaving medications. Parents are welcome to come and administer medications to their children but the medication cannot be kept at LBA.

Parents should never leave medicine, dietary supplements, vitamins, or other items at LBA as this could violate our state licensing, and can pose a risk to children.

What happens if my child is sick?

For the welfare of all the children in the center, Little Brigham Aggies is required by the state to exclude a child from care if the following symptoms exist:

  • The child has an oral or rectal temperature of 100 degrees F or greater.
  • Diarrhea, which is defined as an increase in number of stools compared to the child's normal amount, with increased and /or decreased stool water.
  • Vomiting with two or more episodes of vomiting in previous 24 hours.
  • Mouth sores associated with the inability to control his/her saliva.
  • Rash with fever or behavior change.
  • Infected eyes with discharge, until 48 hours after treatment started by a physician. Please note with Conjunctivitis (pink eye) your child cannot attend Little Brigham Aggies until he/she has been on medication for 48 hours. This is highly contagious.
  • Infestation (scabies, head lice, pinworm), until after first treatment with a medicated product.
  • Impetigo, until 24 hours after antibiotic treatment has begun.
  • Strep throat, until 24 hours after antibiotic started.
  • Ringworm infection, until 24 hours after medication started.
  • Chicken pox, until one week after the onset of rash, or until all lesions have dried and crusted.
  • If your child develops any of these symptoms while in attendance, you will be notified and asked to pick your child up immediately. If your child contracts a contagious illness soon after attending our center, please notify Cheryl Preece-Smith, Center Coordinator, within 24 hours.

Cheryl may be reached via telephone at 435-919-1307, at

Are there conditions for termination of Center services?

LBA maintains the right to ask a family to withdrawal from the program at any time. The following circumstances would be grounds for immediate withdrawal.

  • Parents or family members verbally and/or physically threatening teachers, staff, children, or other parents.
  • A child demonstrating severe behavior that physically threatens the safety of children, teachers, or staff.

Is there a grievance policy?

We encourage parents to express all concerns as soon as possible directly to Cheryl Preece-Smith at 435-919-1307 or If difficulties and differences are not appropriately addressed and resolved, parents should contact Jill Rasmussen, Director of Student Services and Operations.

How do I get additional information about Little Brigham Aggies?

For more information, please contact Cheryl Preece-Smith at 435-919-1307 or A program pamphlet is available at the Utah State University Brigham City Campus, Milton P. Miller Building, Room 156, located at 195 West 1100 South; Brigham City, Utah.

Who is the Little Brigham Aggies Center Coordinator?

Cheryl Preece-Smith received a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University in Family and Consumer Science Education. She also has an Infant and Toddler Endorsement from Care About Childcare. In addition to raising 4 children of her own, Cheryl has worked with children and families in a variety of settings. From teaching high school students child development and how to run a pre-school to teaching an Art Discovery program to children whose ages ranged from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Families and children have always been her focus as she has worked, volunteered in the community, or been with her own family. She has served on various committees in the communities where she has lived that help to support families and schools as they work together to better every child's educational experience. She has worked at Little Brigham for 4 years. Cheryl is pleased to be the Program Coordinator for Little Brigham Aggies team. You can reach Cheryl Preece-Smith, LBA Program Coordinator, at 435-919-1307, or