Student Support System and Mentorship Program


The NASNTI Student Support System (SSS), is a secure, multi-user, collaborative system that facilitates data flow and information tracking. The System strives to provide face to face quality interventions to Native American Students addressing the specific academic concerns reported by Instructors on the Early Alert report. This enables faculty and staff to better serve Native American students. The system meets FERPA regulations. Students and staff have their personal information protected and secured.

The SSS software is part of the following service flow:

  1. Native American Students are assigned to an Academic Mentor or Peer Mentor.
  2. Instructors report Students’ academic concerns on the Early Alert System.
  3. Student’s concerns and quality interventions (Q.I.) are discussed at the Student Progress Follow-up Meeting.
  4. Assigned mentors meet with the student to provide the quality intervention as planned and present the resources, remedies, and pathways addressing the reported concerns.
  5. Instructors do follow-up with the student in classroom, verifying and evaluating student progress.
  6. Instructors report in the system one of the following outcomes:
    1. Concern was resolved
    2. Some progress was made
    3. No progress was made
    4. Concern worsened
NASNTI Student Mentoring

Student Progress Follow-up Meetings

As part of the Student Support System workflow, the Student Progress Follow-up meetings happen every-other-week and have the objective to bring together all USU Blanding student support officers and faculty to discuss students’ reported concerns and recommend or plan quality interventions to address those concerns.