USU Uintah Basin & Ute Indian Tribe Education Department Partnership

USU Uintah Basin and the UIT ED DEPT are working together to provide benefits for Ute Tribe Members and Native American students. Tribal students can partner with the Ute Tribe Education Department coordinator and their USU advisor to create a personalized education plan that puts your needs first, including help with your application, scholarships, financial aid, and housing.

Education College Opportunity Program

The USU-UB UIT Education College Opportunity (EdCO) program is a partnership between Utah State University Uintah Basin (USU-UB) and the Ute Indian Tribe Education Department. The EdCO program is designed to help Native American students get set on a path toward degree completion. In addition, the EdCO program provides students of Utah State University an accessible, on their "turf," convenient way to access General Education courses.

There is no cost to students in the program; the EdCO program covers the cost of the courses and textbooks. Courses offered meet USU's general education requirements, and once a student is degree-seeking, the classes will apply toward an associate's and a bachelor's degree.

For help getting started, connect with:

Maygen Simm

Maygen Simm

Academic Advisor

Student Services

Phone: (435) 722-1708
Office Location: Roosevelt, SC 117
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Ute Tribe Education Sponsorship Program

Enrolled members of the Ute Indian Tribe can qualify to be sponsored by the Ute Indian Tribe Higher Education Office.


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For more information, contact:

Korin Shavanauex-Dunn

Korin Shavanauex-Dunn

Ute Indian Tribe Higher Education Coordinator

Phone: (435) 725-4083