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Uintah Basin Student Research Internship Program

2019 Research Program Options

Spend the summer as a scientist. Join a team of researchers at USU Uintah Basin as they explore exciting research questions.

Students have the opportunity to work in the laboratory of a faculty member at USU Uintah Basin for an eight-week, paid summer internship. During that time students will make new discoveries and meet senior scientists from across the state of Utah. Students learn what scientists do and how to become a scientist.

Four students are selected for the program. Students choose a mentor for a summer project and are paid to work in their mentor's lab. Students design a summer project with their mentor and the program culminates when student present their work to the USU Uintah Basin research community.

Research Program Options

Join researchers and biologists from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to help monitor wildlife species across the Uinta Basin and Ashley National Forest. Student researchers will learn how to set up remote camera traps in the field, manage a complex database of photos, and interpret data to help biologists manage wildlife.

Work on a wide range of projects related to evolution and ecology. Students interested in genetics and the evolution of proteins can work on the evolution of neurotoxin resistance in toxic salamanders. Students interested in ecology and fieldwork will be able start a long-term monitoring project associated with local tiger salamander population or work with an established research project associated with the amphibian and reptile diversity of a local wetlands.

Different parts of the nervous system work together to allow us to perform simple and complex activities, like moving, seeing and thinking. Yet, components of the nervous system change and evolve over time. Students will use various techniques, including protein modeling and recording the electrical activity of ion channels, to learn how change is possible in the nervous system.

Previous student researchers invented a way of synthesizing a family of molecules with anti-cancer properties, as well as a new compound with potential for alleviating side of effects of Type 2 diabetes. For the summer 2019 internship, students will make larger batches of these compounds and then test them for biological and chemical properties, as potential future drug leads.

2019 Dates & Deadlines

  • 2018 Applications Now Closed - Check back for Summer 2020 details.
  • Run Dates: Jun 5th - Aug 1st
*You will be prompted to select your program preference on your application. Please rank from 1-4, with one being your first choice while fourth would be your last.

For more information contact Shana at or call 435.722.1784.