Marriage and the Family

Welcome to Marriage and the Family's webpage, home to the following programs that are designed to strengthen marriage and family relationships:

  • Love, Limits, and Latitude parent education program
  • Marriage Enrichment Workshop

This is the perfect place to educate you on marriage, parenting, and other aspects of family life. It is a one-stop shop for suggestions on how you can improve your family relationships, because we each desire to exist in an environment that is loving, safe, and accepting of our unique individual qualities, and to have the skill set to provide this same feeling back to those we love and care about.

Marriage Enrichment Workshop

Utah State University-Uintah Basin is offering a six-week marriage enrichment workshop to Uintah Basin couples who desire a sweeter, more loving relationship.

This education course is based on the sound research of Dr. John Gottman who believes that by creating a deep friendship marriage can endure the test of time, and Dr. Willard Harley who teaches it is the romantic flame that must be continually kindled to sustain a sense of joy and satisfaction within one's marriage. Under the direction of Dr. David Law this workshop is offered by USU's FCHD 5540 students.