Entrepreneurial Leadership is the Key

The Uintah Basin Entrepreneur Center will help you succeed in fostering skills such as creativity, self-reliance, tenacity, persistence and resourcefulness. As a student you can gain skills through classes, internships and competitions that will help optimize your value as an individual to make an impact in the world and become an entrepreneurial leader. We also offer resources for local entrepreneurs to start and grow their business in our incubator space.

Grow Your Business Course - CEML 5700

This FREE course is designed to support Small Business Development for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In the program, students will learn about ventures' reopening, rebranding, planning, hiring, marketing, and scaling. This course will help support the rebuilding of small businesses throughout the state and is crucial for a healthy economic recovery that rescues the vulnerable, under-employed, and unemployed populations. Sign up for the CEML 5700.

Building Business

Turn your ideas into opportunities for success. We teach proven methods for starting successful businesses through our Entrepreneurship Minor curriculum, and mentorship offered through our Entrepreneurship Club. Learn from and be mentored by successful entrepreneurs, business professionals, and like-minded students through our Entrepreneur Leadership Speaker Series.

Hands-on Experience

Bridge the gap between learning and doing. We offer dozens of internships where students put what they learn into practice. Interns can travel internationally and help break the poverty cycle as a SEED Intern, or join our team of creatives and student mentors that work hand-in-hand with new student business to get them off the ground. On top of the SEED Intern Program, there are a few internships for students to work in the Clark Center to assist in many of its functions.

Funding Opportunities

Receive capital for your startup. Funding is often the single thing that keeps students from moving forward. We award thousands of dollars each year to student startups through the Entrepreneurship Club and competitions throughout the year and link students with investors interested in their ideas. These competitions include, Opportunity Quest, The $100 Startup, and more!