Federal Aid

Financial Support

In addition to scholarships, federal aid can help bridge the gap between your finances and what's needed to accomplish your academic goals.




To receive federal financial aid, you will need to complete the FAFSA before our published deadlines. What you will need in order to file:

  1. USU's FAFSA code: 003677.
  2. Your Social Security Number on your application for admission. If you've already applied and didn't include your SSN, you can report it to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  3. FSA ID, which you can get through the FAFSA website.

Visit fafsa.gov to complete the application.

While scholarships are separate from federal aid, some scholarship applications include FAFSA submission as part of their eligibility criteria. All students eligible to submit a FAFSA are highly encouraged to do so.


Grants are forms of aid you do not have to repay. Grants are available through the federal and state governments. Keep in mind:

  1. Repayment is not required.
  2. Funding levels may vary from year to year according to legislative appropriation.
  3. To meet tuition deadlines, file the FAFSA by the end of June.
For more information, visit www.usu.edu/financial-support/grants 


Federal loans allow students or their families to borrow money at low interest rates. Keep in mind:

  1. Repayment plus interest is required.
  2. To meet deadlines, file the FAFSA by the end of June.
For more information, visit www.usu.edu/financial-support/federalloans
Contact Federal Aid

  USU Logan

  Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

  (435) 613-797-0173


Every USU student has an assigned financial support counselor they can partner with to navigate paying for school. To see who your counselor is, along with additional information and contact information, visit the Contact USU Federal Aid page.