Direct Deposit for Your Student Financial Account

Direct deposit allows money from your student financial account to be transferred or refunded directly into your personal checking or savings account. USU students with a U.S. checking or savings account are eligible to set up direct deposit. This is a free, secure, and convenient way to receive your funds without needing to visit a physical bank or taking any additional steps.

Note: The steps outlined below are to set up direct deposit solely for student account transfers or refunds. To set up direct deposit to receive your job wages (paycheck money) please contact your supervisor or employer for assistance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Direct Deposit


Determine which checking or savings account you want to use and gather the following information:

a. bank account number
b. bank routing number

NOTE: The easiest way to find your information is by referencing a paper check. See check sample below. Account numbers may be up to 17 digits long. Routing numbers appear first on the check and are always 9 digits long. Separate routing numbers may be used for direct deposits and wire transfers; please contact your bank for confirmation.check sample



Go to your MyUSU Portal


Log in with your A-Number and strong password

Set up your strong password

Select ‘Finances’ under the Tools section on the left


Select ‘Direct Deposit Update’

You will then be directed to a USU Banner page

Select ‘Add New’ on the top right

A box will appear and prompt you to:
  1. Enter your Bank Routing Number and Account Number
  2. Select the Account Type
  3. Check the box to authorize the institution to initiate direct credits or debits on your behalf
  4. Select ‘SAVE NEW DEPOSIT’

A green ‘Saved Successfully’ box will appear on the top right and your account will be listed under ‘Accounts Payable Deposit.’ You are now set up to receive funds from your student financial account directly into your personal checking or saving account.