February 22, 2023

Pamela Dupin-Bryant Named Vice Provost for Statewide Campuses


Utah State University Provost Laurens H. Smith has announced that Pamela A. Dupin-Bryant has been named vice provost for Statewide Campuses. Dupin-Bryant will assume the position on July 1, 2023, replacing Rich Etchberger, who has served as vice provost since 2017. Dupin-Bryant will continue to be based at the Utah State University Tooele campus and will travel the state as part of her new role.

“I am thrilled to announce that Dr. Pamela Dupin-Bryant will be the next vice provost for Statewide Campuses,” Smith said in a statement. “Her longtime success as a USU faculty member and experience in Statewide Campuses positions her perfectly as the provost office liaison with Statewide.”

Dupin-Bryant joins the provost office leadership team after most recently serving as a professor of Data Analytics and Information Systems in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at USU Tooele. Dupin-Bryant has been a faculty member at USU since 1993, beginning as a graduate teaching assistant. She worked as an instructor and later assistant professor for USU Extension and Business Information Systems, beginning in 1994. In 2006, Dupin-Bryant was promoted to associate professor and was advanced to professor in 2015.

“USU Statewide Campuses faculty members have a unique dynamic within USU’s system; oftentimes roles and expectations are slightly different than their departmental colleagues in Logan” said Etchberger, interim vice president for Statewide Campuses. “I couldn’t have more confidence in an individual to represent and advocate for our faculty members while navigating the unique attributes Statewide faculty experience. Pam’s experiences, even starting with her own educational journey, will provide invaluable perspective and experience.

Dupin-Bryant has received numerous faculty honors during her tenure, including the prestigious Eldon J. Gardner Teacher of the Year award in 2016. She became the first statewide faculty member to receive this honor.

“We could not be more excited to have Dr. Dupin-Bryant in this role,” said Greg Dart, senior associate vice president for USU Eastern, which has one of the largest faculty populations in the Statewide Campuses system. “Faculty across this campus — and across the state — know her, respect her and look forward to working with her in this position. The depth and breadth of experience she brings to the role and her understanding of what it means to be a statewide faculty member make her such a good fit.”

For the past three decades, Dupin-Bryant has helped advance the USU Statewide Campus system and has worked with her HSB colleagues to steer the DAIS Department curriculum to help students (both on the Logan Campus and Statewide) gain valuable skills and experience needed to thrive in a data-driven world. Dupin-Bryant has also engaged in countless activities aimed at enhancing learning opportunities for place-bound individuals located throughout Utah who may otherwise be denied access to higher education.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the next vice provost for Statewide Campuses,” Dupin-Bryant said. “I love the statewide campus system. I believe passionately in USU’s mission to partner with communities and serve the public through learning, discovery and engagement.

“For the past three decades, I have been lucky to be part of the successful expansion of our statewide campus system from humble beginnings to a thriving system that serves thousands of students each year who might not otherwise have access to quality higher education. I am thrilled to serve in this new role and to support faculty, community leaders, administrators, and other partners as they continue to enhance educational opportunities for individuals throughout the state of Utah.”

Employees from around the Statewide Campuses system also joined in congratulating Dupin-Bryant, a colleague for whom they have the utmost respect.

“Dr. Pam Dupin-Bryant's excellence as a USU faculty over the past 20 years has greatly contributed to an increase in respect for Statewide faculty across the state,” said Nancy Glomb, associate vice president for USU Southwest and associate professor in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services. “As a Statewide faculty, she has achieved tenure and promotion to professor, and has received the university's highest recognitions for teaching excellence. No one I know has been a more passionate advocate for Statewide faculty, and she will undoubtedly provide Statewide Campuses with strong advocacy, guidance, and representation within the Provost's Office and the USU academic community.”

Dupin-Bryant received her bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1993 and her master’s degree in business information systems and education in 1994, both from Utah State University. She would go on to earn her doctorate degree in education from the University of Wyoming in 2000. Dupin-Bryant is also a member of the USU Eastern Athletics Hall of Fame and was raised in Carbon County.

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Pamela Dupin-BryantPamela Dupin-Bryant will serve as USU's vice provost for Statewide Campuses beginning July 1, 2023.

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