April 27, 2022

USU Eastern Biology Bachelor’s Degree Seeing Early Success


Utah State University Eastern is expanding its offerings, allowing students seeking a bachelor’s degree in biology to complete their coursework, beginning in fall 2022, from start to finish at the Price campus.

“This new biology degree offering will meet the needs of so many students,” said Greg Dart, associate vice president for USU Eastern. “We now have a pathway on this campus for students to go from their first day of college directly to medical school, dental school or other graduate programs. We believe this degree will be transformational for students and this campus, as we prepare students in the sciences.”

Students seeking a biology degree at USU Eastern can choose from the same options offered at the Logan and Uintah Basin campuses: a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology, with a choice of emphasis in biology, human biology, ecology and evolution or cellular and molecular biology.

According to Wayne Hatch, an associate professor of biology at USU Eastern, the Department of Biology has been eager to add the degree options to the Price campus for years. In addition to efforts by faculty at USU’s main campus in Logan, Hatch credits the work of Dart as well as Rich Etchberger, Vice Provost for Statewide Campuses, for advancing the program through the approval process. The campus will also hire a new faculty member, who will have a scientific research focus and will provide more research opportunities for students. All of this will allow students to complete their degrees at USU Eastern, rather than taking supplemental labs and courses at USU Uintah Basin or at the USU main campus in Logan.

Hatch worked with Brad Watson, a data analyst, to assess interest for the degree option. Through their research, they found this was an option students wanted.

“Brad discovered many students coming to our campus wanted to major in biology, and many, as a result, wanted to enter the health professions,” Hatch said. “Biology is a popular degree for those students, because its requirements overlap with many of the pre-requisites for those programs. Over the last year, Brad and I worked on the degree plan, in which we mapped out a recommended schedule for students to complete the degree in four years at Eastern.”

Dillon Sorensen, a current student at USU Eastern majoring in Biology, said he was “ecstatic” to find he could complete his coursework at the Price campus, where he started his undergraduate studies. Sorensen now looks forward to going on to medical school, armed with a biology undergraduate degree from USU Eastern.

“I love this campus and community,” Sorensen said. “I was so excited to be loyal to this campus and show everyone it is possible to graduate from the Eastern campus. I was feeling blessed to be able to get taught by the professors and staff I have come to adore.”

Current students who would like to learn more about the new Biology degree program should contact their academic advisor. For more information about the program and to speak with an advisor, visit eastern.usu.edu/advising or call (435) 613-5000.

USU Students in a lab
Photo Credit: USU College of Science

Greg Dart
Associate Vice President
USU Eastern

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