June 21, 2022

USU Brigham City Academic Advisor Terry Robinson Announces Retirement


Utah State University academic advisor and success coordinator Terry Robinson has announced her retirement after 27 years at the university.

“Over the twenty-seven years that Terry has worked with USU, she has been instrumental in helping a vast number of students achieve their academic dreams,” said Dan Black, USU Associate Vice President for the Brigham City Region. “She has made a difference in their education and helped them be successful. Terry will be missed by many.”

Robinson joined USU in 1995, working at the USU Moab campus. In this position, Robinson worked part-time with USU Extension and part-time with Distance Education. While never officially an advisor, Robinson saw this as her main job and enjoyed helping students find their career paths and navigate how to earn their degree. She then transferred to the USU main campus, working as an administrative assistant for the Evening School Program. During her time, Robinson saw the program grow from only 30 students to more than 900. Robinson moved to USU Brigham City in 2004, working as an administrative assistant and then officially as an academic advisor.

“I finally got the title after 10 years of doing the job,” Robinson said.

Prior to joining USU, Robinson operated a convenience store in Moab. Finding the hours difficult, the strain on the body painful and having trouble finding reliable employees, Robinson instead decided to go to USU to earn a degree. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. After transitioning to the USU Brigham City campus, Robinson would go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Robinson joined the USU Brigham City staff in 2004 and quickly got into academic advising. Being a post-traditional student herself, Robinson especially enjoyed working with those students to help them achieve their academic dreams.

“I think I chose academic advising as my goal because I loved helping the post-traditional students who were either coming back or just beginning their college experience,” Robinson said. “I knew how scared they were and how hard it was for them because I had just gone through it.”

Robinson looks back on her time at USU fondly and has many memories of helping students succeed. Two experiences stand out to her. The first was helping a single mother who was battling both cancer and resultant surgeries and having delivered a baby all in the same year. Robinson worked to help this mother graduate with her cohort and to get all the paperwork done. The other experience was working with a student at the Brigham City campus who wanted to become a teacher. To be accepted into the Elementary Education program, the student had to pass the ACT test with a high enough score. Robinson remembers this student tirelessly working at the test, taking it 13 times before getting the score they needed to be accepted.

Now looking ahead to retirement, Robinson looks forward to spending time with family, especially enjoying time with her 91-year-old mother, who is a Brigham City resident. She anticipates spending a lot of time with her grandchildren in Vernal as well. She also wants to garden more, read more and get back into working on her family history.

Terry Robinson

Utah State University academic advisor and success coordinator Terry Robinson has announced her retirement after 27 years at the university.

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