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USU Blanding Offers New Four Corners Scholarship


Utah State University Blanding has launched a scholarship for newly admitted resident students. With funding made available through the state of Utah’s portion of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), USU Blanding announces the Four Corners Scholarship to help students achieve their educational goals.

“We know that a lot of students are worried about the costs of higher education,” said Kristian Olsen, Associate Vice President of USU Blanding. “They have dreamed about getting their education but have not been able to make it work with their budget. With the support of the Utah System of Higher Education, it may be possible for new students to have their tuition and fees covered for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to pursue their dream of getting a higher education and accomplishing the goals they have set for themselves. I encourage you to contact us and see if this new scholarship will benefit you.”

The Four Corners Scholarship covers tuition and student fees. To be eligible, students must be admitted to USU Blanding as a resident student, and they must apply for a Pell Grant. The scholarship fund is limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

“We are excited to offer students the potential of having their tuition and fees covered for the Fall and Spring semesters,” Olsen added. “For those individuals who are concerned that getting their degree does not fit within their budget, this presents a great opportunity for them. USU Blanding is a wonderful campus staffed with great people and outstanding professors. If there was ever a time to start your education, now is that time.”

For those that have already been admitted as a resident and applied for a Pell Grant, there is no further action needed.

Those that have questions about this scholarship and applying to USU Blanding, please contact Joquel Begay-Haudley at 435-678-8125 or joquel.begay@usu.edu.

Marcus Jensen
News Coordinator
University Marketing and Communications

Loren Miller
Marketing Manager
University Marketing and Communications
(435) 613-5362

Joquel Begay-Haudley
Admissions Specialist
Utah State University Blanding
(435) 678-8125

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