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Moab's New Academic Building 

Utah State University Moab's new campus building located south of the city of Moab will be a combustion-free, net-zero energy building, passively designed to harness southern solar energy through the use of thermal mass in the walls and floor. Deep overhangs create a series of covered porches, allowing for indoor activities to spill outside. Students and visitors will enjoy a campus reflecting Moab’s natural landscape, linking them to their broader ecosystem. 

Building Sustainability Highlights 

  • USU's first net-zero energy building
  • USU's largest solar array placed in parking canopies that double as parking shade structures
  • Ground-source heating and cooling
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Designed to meet Silver-level LEED certification with enhanced energy performance
  • PVC-free interior finishes, avoiding many red-list materials and incorporating healthier alternatives, such as red-list-free carpeting, mineral wood insulation, 100% recycled PET acoustic baffles, rammed earth real wood wall-coverings, minimal flooring (polished concrete throughout), low-VOC paint
  • Water conservation measures including rain harvesting for permaculture gardens incorporating native plantings and low-flow, water-sense fixtures throughout
  • Biophilia focused, connecting people with nature by incorporating natural day lighting and views to the surrounding landscape throughout, as well as natural materials, patterns, textures, and colors in exterior and interior materials

New Academic Facilities 

  • Fabrication and Welding
  • Building Construction 
  • Health Professions
  • Science Teaching 
  • Extension Demonstration Kitchen

Thank you to the donors and contributors of this project: Peter Lawson, Jennifer Speers, the Janet Quinney Lawson Foundation, the Emma Eccles Jones Foundation, the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, Community Development Finance Alliance, Moab Regional Hospital, Desert Rivers Credit Union, Moab City, Grand County, the Holyoak Family and the Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Renewable Energy Grant.

Career-Focused Degrees

USU Moab provides degrees geared toward strengthening Moab and surrounding areas. A community-needs assessment is under way to determine which new programs are most suitable to give residents meaningful careers that impact the region. Below are current areas we hope to expand on with a new campus.

Education, Healthcare, and Social Sciences

The new campus will support the expansion of both undergraduate and graduate offerings in teacher education that prepare students for careers in the region’s public schools. USU Moab currently prepares students for licensure as nurses while providing them with clinical opportunities in collaboration with the local healthcare facilities. A new campus will provide more hands-on learning opportunities and laboratory space to help meet local industry needs. It will also provide space for more programs, like social sciences, giving students the ability to pursue purposeful careers to make differences in their communities.

Natural Resources, Recreation & Hospitality

USU Moab provides the opportunity to study natural resources, outdoor recreation, and hospitality to support the surrounding environment. Moab’s economy is integrated with natural resources, outdoor recreation, and hospitality and tourism. Offering higher education in an internationally recognized destination will help sustain these initiatives. The new campus will expand new programs, covering outdoor product innovation, public land management and policies, and more.

Technical Education

Technical Education provides technical training focused on skill sets that meet local industry needs. A new campus will broaden USU Moab’s current Technical Education offerings to high school students and community members. This will lead to a better-trained community with stronger job prospects to meet and exceed a higher standard of living.


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Groundbreaking Day: November 19, 2020.

Construction Webcams

Watch the progress of construction.

MHTN Architects and Hogan and Associates Construction have been hired by the Utah Department of Facilities Construction and Management and have begun the construction phase.



Lianna Etchberger
For more information about the new campus and to learn about donation opportunities to make the new campus a reality, please contact Lianna Etchberger: