Meeting Community Needs

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Community Campus

USU-Moab is rooted in civic engagement. Students are able to pursue purposeful careers that support local workforce needs for a diversified economy.

Utah State University exists in Moab to serve the needs of our community. USU-Moab is moving to a new campus location that leverages the unique attributes of the area. The newer, larger campus will grow in phases, expanding the available programs, increasing labs and studio areas. A community-needs assessment is on-going to determine which programs are most suitable to give residents meaningful careers to make regional impacts.

Sustainable Design

An initial architecture plan for phase I of the new campus has been created that will be recognized in design and performance by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED system. Students will enjoy a campus reflecting Moab’s natural landscape, linking them to their broader ecosystem.

Community Housing Support

Student housing will be constructed adjacent to the campus on School and Institutional Trust (SITLA) property. Partnering with SITLA will bring community housing units to ease the housing demand and support workforce needs.

Career-Focused Degrees

USU-Moab provides degrees geared towards strengthening Moab and surrounding areas.

A new campus in Moab will bring incredible educational opportunities for people who live here, work here and want to remain here. Join us in creating the future of Moab.” – Noelle Cockett University President

Education, Healthcare and Social Sciences


The new campus will support the expansion of both undergraduate and graduate offerings in education that prepare teachers for careers in the region’s public schools. USU-Moab currently prepares students for licensure as nurses while providing them with clinical opportunities in collaboration with the local healthcare facilities. A new campus will provide more hands-on learning opportunities and laboratory space to help meet local industry needs. It will also provide space for more programs, like social sciences, giving students the ability to pursue purposeful careers to make differences in their communities.

Natural Resources, Recreation & Hospitality


USU-Moab provides the opportunity to study natural resources, outdoor recreation and hospitality to support the surrounding environment.

Moab’s economy is closely intertwined with natural resources, outdoor recreation, and hospitality and tourism. Offering higher education in a internationally recognized destination will help sustainably support these initiatives.

The new campus will expand new programs covering outdoor product innovation, public land management and policies, and more.

Career and Technical Training


Technical Education provides technical training focused on skill sets to meet local industry needs. A new campus will broaden USU-Moab’s current career and technical certificate programs offered to high school students and community members. This will lead to a better-trained community with stronger job prospects to meet and exceed a higher standard of living.

Family Education & Youth Support


USU’s Grand County Extension office draws upon the university’s vast research efforts to bring practical information, education and solutions into the homes of the community. A new campus will allow for an expansion of transformative programs for both registered students and non-degree seeking community members, all under one roof, impacting the lives of everyday people. USU Extension provides online and in-person training for research-based information in gardening, family finance, food safety, emergency preparedness, natural resources, 4-H and youth programs.

Lianna Etchberger

Lianna Etchberger
Associate Vice President, Moab Regional Campus
(435) 797-4104

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