Additive Manufacturing

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Additive manufacturing is the technical name for 3D printing. The additive manufacturing process–from design to production, and from post-production to distribution–is an ultra-high-growth industry.

In Utah, the average annual salary in the manufacturing industry is $72,565, 38.6% higher than the statewide average for all industries.

Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, 2020

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Zak Konakis

Zak Konakis

Perkins SE Pathway Coordinator

Aviation and Technical Education (AVTE)

Phone: 435-637-5214
Office Location: West Instruction Building 110, Price UT
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Program Details

In cooperation with Carbon County manufacturing leader Dustless Technologies, USU Eastern offers a one-semester, 12-credit program in Additive Manufacturing.

Students will learn:

  • Additive manufacturing design principles
  • Production methods
  • Post-production processes

Courses are both face-to-face and online. In-person instruction takes place at the Dustless Technologies manufacturing center in Price, Utah.

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Required Courses

  • EDDT 2620 – 3D Modeling Advanced
  • OPDD 1100 – Introduction to Product Creation (online)
  • EDDT 2988 – Special Problems: Additive Production Methods
  • EDDT 2988 – Special Problems: Post-Production Processes