Student Support

No matter where you attend, you have access to a variety of resources to support academic success.

You have a team to support you as you work toward your degree, from help understanding campus resources to finding local tutoring or campus events, the federal aid office, our wellness psychologists, or finding your academic advisor, and more. Below are the resources available statewide. Some services may be available at your location in person, while others you will access remotely

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Academic Advising

At USU, you have access to academic advisors who help you stay on track to graduate faster. You will also have a success coordinator as your central point of contact, connecting you with resources to support your success.

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USU Ambassadors

The Ambassador Program is a student leadership group that represents and serves Utah State University and the community. USU Ambassadors gain leadership and service skills by hosting tour groups, participating in unique campus events and activities, attending specialized leadership classes, and more. Participants in the program will receive a scholarship as part of their selection.

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Career Design Center

USU's Career Design Center is here to help you prepare for and build a meaningful career. We'll help you navigate career and major exploration, get real-world experience that relates to your career goals and present your best professional self to employers as you near graduation.

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Disability Resources

The Disability Resource Center ensures everyone can fully participate in USU programs, services, and activities. They can help you overcome barriers that may otherwise limit your academic potential. The DRC provides direct services and coordinates with other entities to ensure equal access.

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The Office of Equity enforces state and federal law (including Title IX) and University policies related to sexual misconduct, discrimination, equal opportunity, and affirmative action.

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Financial Support

USU's Student Financial Support offices are ready to help you decide how to best fund your education. As experts who have worked with thousands of students, we are able to help find a solution for your specific situation.

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Library Services

Students attending classes around the country can access virtually all databases, e-journals, and e-books from any location. Additionally, the library will mail printed books to students for free. You can also borrow books from any Utah academic library.

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Mentor Program

We believe in creating a culture of success at USU. A faculty mentor will be personally matched to you to help with whatever challenges you might encounter in your journey toward reaching your academic goals. Receive career guidance and learn about internship opportunities in your field.

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Military Support

USU is in the top 15% of schools in delivering the best experience for military students. Our Veterans Resource Office staff is equipped to help you with the unique challenges faced by active military or veterans returning from active duty.

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Online Courses

Take online classes anywhere you can access the internet from the No. 1 online university in Utah. You can even mix and match on-campus, online, and broadcast classes. There is no separate admission: Any current USU student can take online classes.

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Space Making Program

Navigating conflicts can be difficult, and we believe you shouldn’t have to face it alone. USU’s Space Making program is for USU students to talk through conflicts and other life challenges in a safe, confidential space with no judgement.

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Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct will treat all students with fairness, consistency and respect. Our mission is to help each student to achieve success in their academic, living and learning environment. Our office will provide all available resources through Utah State University and other agencies to assist each student and party.


Student Government

Make a difference at your campus by getting involved with USU's Student Association (USUSA). Communicate with your student representatives, or serve in USUSA, which boosts your resume by adding skills like managing budgets and leadership, plus a large portion of your tuition is covered.

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Student Software and Technology

No matter where you attend or how you do your classes, you have access to the tools you need to be successful, from downloading software, like Office 365 and Adobe, to mastering the ins and outs of Canvas and Zoom. Need a computer? We can tell you what to look for.

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Student Support Webinars

These Statewide Student Support Webinars provide in-depth looks at the resources and guidance needed to succeed. Whether you are a new student or a seasoned Aggie, these webinars will equip you with the tools for academic excellence.

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Success Coordinating

You already have an academic advisor, but a success coordinator is a central point of contact for any questions or concerns you have. They can help you understand campus resources as well as help you with localized tutoring or campus events, the federal aid office, our wellness psychologists, or finding your academic advisor. If your success coordinator doesn’t know the answer, they will help connect you to an expert at USU to resolve your question or issue. Contact your Success Coordinator below.

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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer academic support program offered to students that are registered for breadth education courses.Student academic performance is improved by combining “what to learn“ with “how to learn.”

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Testing Services

Let us help you schedule an exam, find a proctor, or if take a national standardized exam (GRE, GMAT, etc.). Testing Services is committed to the highest standard of academic integrity.

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Free tutoring is available in a variety of subjects through one-on-one sessions, either face-to-face or online. Online tutoring in many subjects is also available through and the Academic Resource Center.

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Wellness Support

At Utah State University, students are given the space, freedom, and resources to improve their overall health while earning a degree. Services may vary based on location, however students have access to health, counseling, psychological, and relationship services.