John Lawson

Bingham Research Center

Senior Research Scientist

John Lawson

Contact Information

Office Location: Bingham Center 138L
Phone: (435) 722-1793


A weather nerd at heart, John Lawson hails from northeast England and is a meteorologist by training. Now part of a team tasked with improving air-quality models in the Uintah Basin as a Senior Research Scientist, his research navigates the interface of modelling, predictability, artificial intelligence, and public communication of risk. He is committed to bridging the gap between disparate research areas for the betterment of the public and the Earth System, particularly predicting future hazards and optimising forecast models. His previous academic work includes the improvement of supercell forecasting with the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Oklahoma, leading students on storm-chase classes for credit, and developing better tools to evaluate probabilistic (risk-based) weather forecasts and hence improve products passed to the decision-maker. John previously founded a cloud-based forecasting company in England, providing data to stakeholders ranging from oil producers to other weather companies. John holds three meteorology degrees: MMet from the Univ. of Reading (UK), MS from the Univ. of Utah, and a PhD from Iowa State University. John enjoys recording and listening to music when not watching soccer or cricket; he thrives on collaboration and communication, whether it be creating science, sport, or sound.