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Technical Education

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A technical education from Utah State University provides students with access to high-quality, career-focused classes. Students graduate with a university certificate that employers recognize and value.

Technical Education programs are not available at all USU Statewide campuses. To learn more about Technical Education programs available in your area, contact your local campus.

Some technical education programs may be completed in one semester, while others take two or more to finish. Many technical education programs offer the opportunity to continue on to earn an associate or bachelor degree.


Technical education certificates are accessible, affordable, and prepare students to immediately enter the workforce.

Certificates of Proficiency (CP)

A Certificate of Proficiency (CP) is generally a one-semester program.

Certificates of Completion (CC)

A certificate of completion is generally a one-year program.

Associate Degrees 

An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) or Associate of Science (AS) degree is generally a two-year program.


Students can start an entry-level certificate program in high school and then “stack” their credentials towards greater and more valuable industry endorsements or licensure.

For instance, the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certificate stacks well into the Medical Assistant Certificate. Similarly, the entry-level Certificate of Proficiency in Phlebotomy builds a foundation for further licenses in health professions.

Certificate --> AAS Degree in General Technology --> Bachelor's Degree

Health Professions

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*Students in Moab can complete the classroom portion of this programs at the USU Moab campus but all lab assignments must be completed at USU Blanding.

Business & Marketing

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