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The Upward Bound (UB) program assists high school students in developing the academic skills and motivation needed to successfully complete high school and to enter college upon graduation. Students receive educational, cultural, and social experiences that will help prepare them to enter and succeed in college. UB students receive academic advising, after-school tutoring, study skills workshops and opportunities to visit colleges and universities. Upward Bound offers an academic year and a summer component.

Upward Bound serves high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors at the following high schools in Southeastern Utah and Northern Arizona: Monticello, San Juan, Whitehorse, Monument Valley, Navajo Mountain, and Red Mesa (Arizona).

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Jess Crank

Jess Crank

Program Coordinator - Upward Bound


Phone: (435) 678-8182
Office Location: Blanding, BLTB 206
Teresa Frazier

Teresa Frazier

Director - Upward Bound


Phone: (435) 678-8162
Office Location: Blanding, BLTB 207

High School Contacts

Carol Reynolds

Carol Reynolds
Whitehorse High School
Upward Bound Advisor
(970) 739-8736, creynolds@sjsd.org

Shirleen Watson

Shirleen Watson
San Juan High School
Upward Bound Academic Advisor

Melinda Toledo

Melinda Toledo
Red Mesa High School
Mentor and Tutor

Shaila Ben

Shaila Ben
Office and Media Assistant

The Upward Bound Mission

  • To identify qualified youth who are low-income and potential first generation college students.
  • To generate skills and motivation necessary for success in completing high school and enrolling in post-secondary education.
  • To encourage youth in the program to remain in and complete secondary education.
  • To encourage youth to enroll in post-secondary education and graduate.

The Upward Bound mission will be accomplished through the following components:

Academic Year:

Academic advisors form a partnership with students to successfully face the challenges of high school and college preparation. Together, advisors and students discuss grades, course selection, study skills, and other college preparatory topics. Activities include: academic, personal, and college prep advising in high schools; college visitations; college career opportunities; admissions, and financial aid.

The Summer Program:

Students spend five weeks on the Utah State University Blanding campus learning and having fun. You will earn high school credit for taking classes such as math, language arts, science and a language other than English.

The five-week academic/college bridge program allows students to:

  • Develop highly effective study skills through nightly study sessions
  • Practice being a college student
  • Explore career and educational opportunities through mentoring

Students will also make many great friends and participate in cultural and recreational events, such as talent show, swimming, volleyball, basketball, softball and diversity orientations. Leadership experiences and service projects exist for students to make the most out of their five-week experience.

Income Guidelines

While the income information changes each year, the most recent income guidelines are below:

Federal TRIO Programs Income Table