Native American Serving Nontribal Institutions (NASNTI)

Our mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. NASNTI grant assist in planning, developing, undertaking, and carrying out activities to improve and expand NASNTI institutions’ capacity to serve Native American students.

Project Goals:

  • To increase the rate of persistence and overall completion for first-time, full-time, Native American Students
  • To increase the number of Native American students who participate in Financial Literacy courses and workshops
  • To strengthen Native American culture preservation through student, family, and faculty/staff engagement.


The "Hero Twins"

Diné story of the Hero Twins, from birth through manhood, provides a lifelong pattern for all people to learn from and follow.

Flags Hall and Hogan Construction

Utah State University Blanding has announced plans to construct a Native American Hogan for its students on campus. The structure will be in the traditional Hogan style.

NASMP – Native American Summer Mentorship Program

During the summer, a group of Native American students from Utah State University Blanding spent four weeks at USU’s Logan campus, gaining hands-on experience in labs and research as part of the Native American Mentorship Program (NASMP).