Motor Pool

USU Blanding Motor Pool offers vehicles for university business travel. Review the information below to reserve and use a university vehicle.

Reserve and Use a University Vehicle


Make sure the Driver Training has been completed.
See below for details. Training must be completed once every two years.

Prior to the trip:

The day of the trip (or the day before if leaving before 8am):

  • Pick up the keys from the Business Office.
  • Record mileage on the mileage ledger sheet.

Upon return:

  • Record all information that is requested on the mileage ledger sheet.
  • Note service repairs if needed on the sheet.
  • Fill vehicle with gas upon return and throw away any garbage in the vehicle.
  • Return the vehicle to the HSL parking lot, back row by the fence.
  • Return keys to the Business Office. If the Business Office is closed return to the library book return or maintenance shed key return slot.


Kol Conway

Kol Conway

Director of Auxiliary Services

Student Services

Phone: (435) 678-8157
Office Location: USU Blanding, Quad
Megan Harris

Megan Harris

Business Assistant

Campus Services

Phone: (435) 678-8112
Office Location: USU Blanding, HSL

Driver Training

Utah Defensive Driver Training

  • Log into the Utah Learning Portal.
    If you do not have an account, please create one using the security keyword usue.

  • Under "My Learning," choose the Launch button for the Defensive Driver Training.

  • Watch and complete the video training.

  • Save a copy of the Certificate of Completion from your email.

Rates and Policy

Mileage Rates

Small Vehicles: $0.31/mile

Mid-size Vehicles: $0.35/mile

Minivan: $0.42/mile

Mini SUV: $0.39/mile

Truck: $0.52/mile
Must call maintenance to schedule (435) 678-8153

Bus: $1.00/mile
Must call CTE building to schedule (435) 678-8217.