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Scholarship Applications

Utah State University provides hundreds of scholarships, including academic, college, departmental, campus, and endowed scholarships.

You will be automatically considered for academic scholarships when you apply for admission.  Our general scholarship application is simple and makes 'matching' with both institutional and private scholarships a breeze thanks to our partnership with ScholarshipUniverse. Scholarship details (including requirements and deadlines) are outlined in the application.


Megan Mower-Harris

Megan Mower-Harris

Business Assistant

Business Services / Scholarships / Student Money Management

Phone: (435) 678-8112
Office Location: Blanding, HSL 107
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Technical Education Scholarships

Scholarships specifically for Technical Education students are available. Be sure to look for them as you apply for scholarships using ScholarshipUniverse.

Campus Scholarships

Scholarships for your individual campus may be available. Contact Statewide Scholarships at, or (435) 613-5032 for information.

Many scholarships available thanks to our local USU Blanding donors.

Academic Scholarship Index

The Admissions Office has many scholarships for which you may be eligible. Students who apply to USU will automatically be considered for academic scholarships based on the scholarship index. These are USU system-wide awards and are portable across all USU campuses.

This is the point where excellent grades and test scores help you save on tuition. Using a combination of your GPA and ACT/SAT review the Scholarship Index to determine if you are eligible for an academic scholarship.

Comprehensive Scholarship Review (CSR)

Incoming freshmen who are unable to take the ACT/SAT may request a personal comprehensive scholarship review for academic scholarship awarding. The review will consider benchmarks such as grade point average (GPA), high school course rigor, and other criteria. The priority deadline to apply for CSR is December 1, 2022.

Submit Fall 2023 CSR Application

Additional Scholarships

In addition to academic award, students may apply for additional scholarships and assistance.

Utah State Promise

Utah Icon: Utah Promise - Pell Grants & Other AwardsThe Utah State Promise is a “last dollar” scholarship for Pell Grant students, meaning USU covers any remaining tuition and student body fees after all other aid is applied to a recipient's account.

Visit Utah State Promise for more information.

Emergency Hardship Fund

Money Jar IconUtah State University’s Emergency Hardship Fund provides grants to students who have encountered circumstances that otherwise cause them to drop out of school.

Visit Emergency Hardship Fund to apply.