Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Disability Resource Services at Utah State University - Blanding are committed to providing services and accommodations, in accordance with the ADA Laws and Regulations, to traditional, as well as non-traditional students seeking services and educational opportunities at the various USU educational locations in southeastern Utah.

The Disability Resource Center pledges to assist students and community members with special needs that may require academic adjustments or accommodations. Student needs may be information gathering activities, participation in one class, taking a distance learning course, obtaining a certification, or participating in an associate degree program. This is accomplished by:

  • Establishing and maintaining a partnership with the student, administration, faculty and staff through a framework of mutual understanding and respect.
  • Providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations, insuring equal opportunity and access while maintaining the academic standards of the college.
  • Proper documentation of a disability establishing a physical or mental impairment which limits a major life activity as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is required in order to receive services or accommodations. All authorizations for services must be reasonable in nature and are individually determined by a qualified advisor.
  • Reasonable accommodations are based on an evaluation of the specific requests of the student, an evaluation of individual needs, a review of previous accommodations, the recommendations of outside professionals, course requirements, specific classroom situations, and instructor input.

In order to receive accommodation under ADA, a student must apply for services through the DRC.

Disability Resource Services also welcomes campus visitors needing special assistance and attention. We will attempt to make your visit as comfortable as possible so you may enjoy and participate in all school-sponsored events and services.


Heather Raisor

Heather Raisor

Librarian / Disability Resource Center

Student Services

Phone: (435) 678-8137
Office Location: USU Blanding, HSL