After You are Admitted

What's Next

Congrats on your decision to attend Utah State University! We're excited for you to join our Aggie family and share in the rich traditions at Utah State. Please take time to review your next steps, which will navigate you through the transition of becoming a student at USU.

Admitted Students - Next Steps

ad•mit•ted stu•dent: applied, been accepted, and can’t wait to attend Utah State


Create Your USU Password

Your USU password requires you to know your A-Number and is used to log into most USU systems.


Submit Your FAFSA (optional)

This allows USU to offer you the maximum amount of federal, state, and institutional aid to help pay for school. Completing the FAFSA usually takes less than an hour and can pay big dividends.


Apply for Additional Scholarships (optional)

You are already considered for academic scholarships if you applied by the deadline, but many nonacademic awards and additional scholarships require a separate application and will have different deadlines.

Defer Your Admission (if needed)
A deferral is for admitted students who have not started classes at USU and need to delay their admission to a future semester. Submit your deferral and learn more at

Begin Orientation Online **

The five-module orientation is completed over the course of several months, giving you information at the time you need it. Orientation for students starting summer or fall opens in mid-February.

** Technical education students will only complete Modules 1 and 2.


Meet with an Academic Advisor

We encourage you to speak with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes.


Register for Classes

Orientation will tell you everything you need to select classes, speak with your academic advisor, and register on time. Once you register for class, a new USU email account will be created for you, and all official communication will be sent to that account during your time at USU.


Sign a Contract for On-Campus Housing (optional) **

On-Campus Housing contracts are available to incoming students who pay the enrollment deposit. Although living on campus for first-year students is not required, it is encouraged. National studies have consistently shown that students living on campus have higher GPAs and graduation success rates.

** Students don't need to register for classes or meet with an advisor in order to sign up for housing.


Pay Tuition and Fees

Orientation will explain how tuition and fees work. Or reach out to the student financial support to walk you through the process and answer all of your questions.

Parents - Stay in the Know

par•ent: supports future Aggies in more ways than we can list (but especially with free food and laundry)

USU has plenty of resources and programs for parents.

Join USU's Parent & Family Network to find helpful information about your student's University experience.

Contact us for more information.

Suzanna Clark-Nakai

Suzanna Clark-Nakai

Tribal Liaison - NASNTI I

Native American Serving Nontribal Institutions (NASNTI)

Phone: (435) 678-8215
Office Location: Blanding, Admin 109
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Undecided Students - On the Fence

un•de•cid•ed: will likely become an Aggie, but is still considering other options

For a vast majority of students trying to choose a university, it’s not easy. There are a lot of options and tons of information. In the quest to digest and learn as much information as possible, we’ve curated a custom list to help students feel confident when they choose USU.


  • USU Blanding provides a personal, local college experience and student life.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a major research university, but a smaller campus providing close connections with your classmates, professors, and the community.


Student Life


  • View costs to attend USU Blanding.
  • Discover the many scholarships to help cover the cost.
  • Federal aid is available to qualifying students.

At the end of the day, talking to a USU Admissions Specialist is going to be your best option in getting your questions answered and discovering what Aggie life is like - other than spending time on campus, that is.